ining server mutex timed out - waiting ...Set stop server event. Sapisvr.exe will now shutdown completely.Failed to wait for Run mutant to be released, error = %X. Ignored.New context attached - no longer shutting down.Sapisvr unable to exit because cannot get mutex.Begin to shutdown SpeechUX.Speech User Experience will not be terminated per user requestShutting down communicator send thread timed outShutting down communicator receive thread timed outSuccessfully deleted communicator.SendCall failed, method id = %u, Error = %XFailed to connect to sapisvr because it has exited.Cross process connection broken without notice, Error = %XCannot read a message from pipe, Error = %X. Assuming the other process has terminated.Cannot cancel the IO operation on named pipe, Error = %X.Stop receiving messages.Exit from the Send thread while there are pending Send calls. The object is being released improperly.Failed to flush the pipe buffer. Potential loss of data. Error = %XFailed to deliver SPIMID_COMMUNICATOR_RELEASE message, Error = %X. The pipe is broken.Failed to send SPIMID_COMMUNICATOR_RELEASE message, Error = %X.Stop sending and processing messages.There is pending SPCALL in the return queue, method id = %uThere is pending SPCALL in the waiting queue, method id = %uThere is pending SPCALL in the send queue, method id = %uImpersonateNamedPipeClient failed, Error = %X.RevertToSelf failed, Error = %X.FAILED to get the current terminal session Id, error = %X. Use the default pipe name.\\.\pipe\SapiOneCoreServerPipeSpReleaseOverlapped: Cannot close the event handle in the OVERLAPPED structureFailed to read a pipe message. Error = %XCannot cancel IO on named pipe after timeout, Error = %XRead a message but the message ID is not as expectedWaitEvent-Mutex-CreateEvent-Using default voice tokenHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech_OneCore\Voicesaudio/basicaudio/x-alaw-basicCSpVoice::Speak failed, text=[%S], flags=0x%X, hr=0x%XFailed to Purge in SpeakStream, error = %X. Ignored error.CSpVoice::SpeakStream failed, flags=0x%X, hr=0x%XUpdating change to the default audio outputSetOutputInternal failed, hr = 0x%XTTS is using the default audio output token %SFailed to create output stream objectCurrent audio output format: [%S]The audio format supported by TTS engine: [%S]Failed to negotiate audio output format, hr=0x%XFailed to set the output device to its default stream format, hr=0x%XFailed to get default stream format from the output device, hr=0x%XFailed to get the output format of TTS engine, hr=0x%XnoyesAudio output allows FormatConversion: %sThe output audio devices must be both event sinks and event sourcesNoSerializeAccess0SpWaitObj-Pause requestedResume requestedSet voice token id to %S (update=0)SENTENCEMILLISECONDSkip ItemType=%S, NumItems=%dCSpVoice::EsWrite failed, hr=0x%XPausing TTSPaused TTS. Waiting to resume, timeout=%uResumed TTSFailed to commit the audio device, error = %X. Ignored error.Could not get all events from queueCSpVoice::EsAddEvents failed, hr=0x%XFetched %u events from output event sourceWaitForMultipleObjects -> m_autohPendingSpeaks - CSpVoice::GetNextSpeakElementWaitForMultipleObjects -> m_cpAudioOut->EventHandle() - CSpVoice::GetNextSpeakElementWaitForMultipleObjects -> hExitThreadEvent - CSpVoice::GetNextSpeakElementWait for an event/work - CSpVoice::GetNextSpeakElement%sClaimed audio queueFailed to claim audio queuePlaying audio streamCSpVoice::SpeakText failed, hr = 0x%XSetting TTS rate to %dCSpVoice::GetDefaultRate failed, hr = 0x%XUsing the running worker threadService the speak request on client threadService the speak request on worker threadPurging a stream ...Purge. Curred>
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